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Review: LEGO UCS TIE Fighter #75095

Back in the old days 1977 to be precise I saw a nice little sci-fi movie clip for Star Wars ‘A New Hope’ where a TIE Fighter strafes across the Millennium Falcon, I was captivated by this scene and the shape of that TIE Fighter, as soon as merchandise came out for the film I bought sci-fi magazines that told me everything I wanted to know about the TIE Fighter, when Revell released the model I bought 10 of them and hung them from the ceiling of my bedroom much to my parents dismay, those model TIE Fighters are long gone now, but now 39 years later I have a new TIE Fighter to play with and no I won’t be buying 10 of them, well that’s my story about my infatuation with the TIE Fighter.

The LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series TIE Fighter is in my opinion one of the best kits ever made apart from the UCS Slave 1 & the Millennium Falcon. What’s in the box you ask? There are 18 sealed bags of various elements and an instruction booklet with a detailed back story about the TIE Fighter and its model designer Olav Krøigaard with a Q&A segment. The kit contains 1,685 elements and was released in May 2015, RRP $299.

All in all a pleasure to build with some interesting techniques with some repetition of pieces which is unavoidable, there is a notable difference between this models stand to other previous stands, there is a ball and socket joint between the model and the stand which can be rotated 360 degrees.

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