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Brickvention - January 2017

Four of our club Members attended Brickvention this year displaying their LEGO® Creations such as Star Wars™

“Battle of Endor” and six Iconic Albury Buildings. Many other “LEGO® User Groups” and independent builders displayed some very interesting MOC’s at the two day event which attracted 25,000 plus visitors, not just from Australia but from around the world.


There were some interesting guest speakers like John Peddie who introduced LEGO® to Australia in 1962. John drove around Australia for three years selling LEGO® to toy retailers & department stores.


Jason and Kristal from JK Brickworks were also guest speakers & judges at this year’s Brickvention. Jason & Kristal love mechanising LEGO® creations & kits. Jason is the proud designer of the LEGO® Ideas kit #21350 “The Maze”.


The 501st Southern Cross Legion kitted themselves out in Star Wars™ costumes for the event the to raise money for charity.

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